that’s really bad for you!

Recently I decided to gather the ingredients for an interesting cookie recipe. The cookie recipe is from the Momofuku’s Milkbar Cookbook, and I found it on a favorite blog – Just a Smidgen. Here’s the post for Momofuku Funfetti Cookies. Thanks Smidge.

One of the unique ingredients needed was liquid glucose. I wasn’t sure where to find if, so while I was grocery shopping I started my search. My regular grocery didn’t have any, but as I was going past a large natural food store, I thought I’d check there. I went to the customer service counter to ask about the glucose. The clerk said she thought I would find it in the baking section, but she offered to call the office to confirm. She called, I waited, and then I got the bad news. The clerk said, “We don’t carry glucose because it is really bad for you.” I explained that I just needed a little for a cookie recipe, and really it was just a form of sugar. She repeated, rather loudly, “But it is really, really bad for you, and that’s why we don’t carry it.” Give me a break. I’m not planning on drinking the stuff! (The recipe uses only 2 tablespoons!)

Perhaps I was feeling oversensitive, but I was quite insulted by the way I was treated at Community Natural Foods. I think that the clerk’s condescending attitude was completely uncalled for – especially considering that she was pleasant and helpful until she had called the store office. I felt like I was asking for illegal drugs or some other form of contraband. I didn’t really give a lot of thought to why a shop would or would not carry glucose, I just stopped by because it is very close to my regular grocery store. I’m not sure I’ll ask for help there again. It might be safer to just wander the aisles looking for products on my own. I was going to purchase a few other items that day, but decided to put them back and just leave the store. I was somewhat embarrassed by what had happened.

I decided that glucose was probably available as a Wilton cake decorating product, and went to a Michael’s Craft Store to continue my search. Success. Not only did they have the nasty glucose, but I was able to purchase it without reprimand. I haven’t baked the cookies yet, but when I do decide to bake, I have all my ingredients on hand. I need a little more time to get over the trauma.

In case you’re wondering what all the fuss was about, here’s the culprit:

container of glucose

Note the single ingredient listed – corn syrup. I’m willing to admit that corn syrup is not the healthiest item a person can ingest, but you shouldn’t have to feel like a felon if you buy it!

glucose ingredient label

I can think of a couple of ingredients that I might be reluctant to buy, but glucose isn’t one of them.

13 thoughts on “that’s really bad for you!

  1. You know, in India we were given glucose water to drink during cross country races in schools. It’s supposed to be an instant energizer. It’s sold everywhere here! Just google Glucon-D


    1. And you lived to tell about it? Thanks for the information. I love that Heinz makes a glucose beverage! How mainstream is that? Terri


  2. You’re a honey to try these cookies.. and you should.. soon!! And you should use the glucose! How often have you baked with glucose in your life? I rest my case. I’m not sure how often I’ll be using it again and could have shared some with you.. since I see you live in my hometown, lol!! I think it’s a peculiar ingredient, but fun.. and life’s about fun once in a while?! I really hope you try these, they were so fun and pretty!! xo Smidge
    ps.. you’re blog rules.. you even got Community to comment on it!! Wow, how did you do that!!??


    1. Hope it was okay to link to your blog. I’m not totally up on that protocol but I didn’t think you would mind. I’ll let you know when I try the cookies. I agree that one container will probably last a lifetime. (I tagged Community so I’m sure that’s how they found me.) Thanks for your comment. I thoroughly enjoy your blog! Terri


  3. I apologize for what happened and I am with you and appreciate your reaction to what happened. I am the General Manager at Community and I want you to know that our intention (read official policy) would be to provide information and service, not judgement. I eat ice cream and french fries as often as organic tomatoes and basil. As a store we want to help everyone in Calgary move toward improved health. If that means trying organics for the first time or committing to a holistic vegan life we want to help answer questions and encourage both. I appreciate the complaint and we will use it to train to improve our consumer approach – Bruce Martin


    1. Thank you for commenting. I shop at Community quite regularly and appreciate the variety and quality of products that you carry. I will be back, just not looking for anything that might be deemed “unhealthy”. I’ve learned my lesson. Terri


  4. Glucose – Smoocose -eat up Terri and enjoy the cookies….


    1. Thanks, Catherine. Not sure when I’ll be baking these, but I’ll give you a full report! Terri


  5. I think the office and the clerk were taking their job way too seriously. I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do.


    1. Karen, missed your comment as I was away from my computer for a few days, but thank you. I was pleased that the store manager responded in a timely matter, especially considering that I didn’t contact them directly! I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but we bloggers love to speak our minds!


  6. Husb and I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when we went to pharmacies trying to buy citric acid for making Elderflower Cordial. We were made to feel like criminals because citric acid is used by heroin addicts as part of their injecting process. One pharmacy disapprovingly agreed to sell us some but only a tiny amount. We eventually found some in our local Asian foodstore where they sold HUGE bags of it, without disapproval and it’s enough to last us a few years. Honestly – food fascists!!!!!


    1. Thank you for that! I was wondering if it was just me!


      1. Just too many Jobsworths around unfortunately


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