I just returned home from a trip to visit my parents. I took them a surprise. I took them a cat. It seems that while I was lamenting the fact that I would have to give up my cat-sitting job (looking after my son’s cat while he is away), a friend took pity on me and offered me a cat. All well and good, except that I really can’t have a cat here forever, since my daughters are both allergic to them. Then someone suggested that I keep my son’s cat, Kush, until he returns home. Then I could take the other cat who needed a new home to stay with my parents. I was reluctant to mention this plan to my folks. They have had cats in the past, but the passing of their last kitty, Jasper, had quite an impact. I was certain they would decline the opportunity to become pet owners once more. I also know that cats are fantastic companions, and that they bring joy to your life every day. I decided I would make the choice for them.

Felix spent his formative years with a lovely girl, Laura, who loves him very much. As her schedule got busier and busier, she felt Felix was spending too much time alone. So putting Felix’s needs ahead of her own, she made the tough decision to find him another home. That’s where I thought my parents could help out. They are at home all day, every day, and they love having an animal to take care of. A match made in heaven!

I made arrangements with Laura to pick up Felix at lunch time on Wednesday. Since I hadn’t finished packing the car, I had to stop back at home for a few minutes. Felix was in his carrier in the back of the car. I went into the house to grab my things. I came back to the car, opened the back door to toss them in and was shocked to see Houdini, I mean Felix, in the front seat! Apparently the zipper at the back of his carrier was open on one side. Imagine my surprise! I quickly closed the door and thought about how I would convince a cat to get back into his carrier… Seems the direct approach worked. I moved the carrier into the front seat, called Felix, picked him up and popped him into the carrier. He was no trouble at all. After that we had an uneventful (although not quiet) drive for a couple of hours. I’m still not sure whether Felix liked it better when I talked to him or ignored him. He seemed to complain either way, but he managed to relax for a few minutes. I was glad to reach Lethbridge.

cat in carrier

cat stepping out of carrier

I carried Felix in his carrier into my parents’ house. I opened the door part way so he could display his escape techniques. He immediately set about exploring the house.

cat snooping

cat exploring

My parents seemed a bit confused by Felix’s arrival so I just kept telling them how great it would be to have a cat again. I think it took about 15 minutes for them to agree. Felix moved in and captured their hearts. My uncle Henry came to dinner and this self-professed dog person was also quite smitten. This cat has it made!

Felix is easy-going and affectionate. He likes grooming, catnip toys and long walks on the beach. Not really – the beach part isn’t true for this indoor cat. But he does like looking out windows. I left Lethbridge after two days, confident that Felix will be very happy in his new home. Very happy.

cat on vaccuum hose

cat comfy on chair

I think having a black cat to photograph will be a challenge. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to even find a black cat when he isn’t moving and he keeps his eyes closed? I didn’t have enough time to capture great photos on this trip, but give me some time and I’ll try!

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  1. This was such a fun post to read! Felix is a lucky cat indeed… and I just imagine your parents are pretty darn lucky too 😉 Animals are quite incredible, unconditionally loving companions. This made me smile inside and out- thank you, Terri!


    1. Thank you! When my son lost his dog in a break-up, I was disappointed that he had custody of his cat. That was unti I got to know Kush, and now I wonder what I was thinking! I guess I’m a sucker for pets, although if I had to chose just one, cats would probably win.


  2. Looks like Felix lucked out (not to mention your parents)! When we became cat owners it was such a surprise. Howard hated cats all his life until 1975 when a tiny yellow kitten decided he was “the man” and that ended that. The two were inseparable from that point on. We haven’t been without cats since.


  3. Aw, Felix looks like a sweetheart! I hope he and your parents will have a long, wonderful relationship. My former kitty was a long-haired black kitty named Beezy; he was my kitty soul-mate. Although Sundae has captured my heart now, there will never be another kitty like Beezy. Love your pictures and can’t wait to see more!


    1. Thanks, Dianna. Felix is so sweet. He has a beautiful round face that disappears into the rest of his jet black body. I know he’ll be happy with my parents. Aren’t we lucky to have pets like Sundae and Kush around? I’ve had two other cats in my lifetime and they have such unique and unforgettable personalities.


      1. Thank you Terri for being so inspired to find a loving home for Felix. I know (our) Laura misses him but your parents and Felix will have a great time together in Lethbridge.

        Tom & Kathy


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