There are so many ways to illustrate “together” and I think these images show it in different ways. People working together, playing together or just being together. It’s all good.

new family

ceramic heads

grouting tile - all hands on deck

carpet repair

happy skiers

playing together

Some people have suggested that photo challenge photos should be newly taken for each challenge. Sometimes that’s possible, but it’s equally challenging to find photos in your collection that convey the theme. Besides that, the kids in my last photo are now 23 and 25, and they don’t play together as much now. They are also not in the same hemisphere  at the moment, so I couldn’t have set this up if I’d tried!

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to our blog. I’m having trouble with Wordprss so I’m using my husbands email address. Are you doing a photo of the day challenge too? A bunch of us are also doing it on FB.


    1. Sorry for not responding sooner – this was in my spam folder! I did respond yesterday, but can’t see it now. Where did it go? I said that I’m doing the weekly photo challenge, but that wordpress said to tag it as postaday. Go figure.


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