For some reason the weekly photo challenge theme wasn’t available until this Monday, and I like to post my photos on Monday. I had to scramble to put something else together for Monday, but I’m fine. Thanks for asking. At the mention of photographs and blue, the first thing that comes to mind is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. It is stunningly beautiful, and I would like to share these images with you. I could have tried to select my favorite one, but why limit myself when there are such different shots to choose from? As you can see from the photos – this mosque is not blue. It is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, commonly known as the Blue Mosque because of the tiles in the interior of the building. My interior photos are fairly dark and don’t do justice to the beautiful space. If you want to see more photos on Google, check here.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque at night

Seriously, how can you not be impressed when you can see these kind of views out your hotel window? Or while walking around in Sultanahmet (the old part of Istanbul). I think it is moving to see this incredible architecture that has been in use for hundreds of years. (It was built around 1609 – 1617.) I think it’s time for another trip to Turkey. Let me just get my bag.

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