I took a short course at the University of New Mexico (Taos campus) on Peruvian culture, and the field trip for the course was a trip to Peru. There were less than 20 of us in the class, and we travelled together for a couple of weeks. It was a fabulous experience. I chose my photo challenge photos from that trip. The first photo from the market in Cuzco shows closely packed items –  vegetables and grocery items all together. Then you can see how close people are when they grab a bite to eat at the same market.

market in Cuzco

market in Cuzco

Here is a flower seller almost lost in her tightly packed booth. It would be difficult to get those flowers any closer together.

flower market

I love this close group of friendly llamas and alpacas. They were anxious to get close to anyone willing to feed them!


This is my favorite “close” shot. Check the people you can see through the windows on this mini-bus. I was fortunate to have a bit more breathing space on our bus. In fact, our normal little bus was downright luxurious by comparison!

crowded mini-bus

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  1. I enjoyed your images very much. Did you pet the llamas? I’m a very tactile type and would find stroking their fur hard to resist. I’d love to feel a squirrel’s tail but I’m only semi-insane.


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