As you drive towards Taos, New Mexico from Santa Fe, you come up over a ridge to see a beautiful view of the Rio Grande Gorge. The light conditions dictate how dramatic the view is, but it is always impressive. I take photos almost every time I pass this way, coming and going. Unless I’m driving, which really cuts into my car photography. Here’s the view from earlier this week when it first comes into view and then a bit closer.

Rio Grande Gorge

Rio Grande GorgeI have a better photo of the gorge that I took from a higher vantage point – a small plane. I shot this earlier in the year. You can see the Gorge Bridge if you look carefully. The gorge is a spectacular split in the earth – really quite fantastic to behold.

Rio Grande Gorge and bridge

The next gorge I want to mention is the Gorge Bar and Grill in Taos. This restaurant is located right on the Plaza in the center of town. Aside from their great location, they have a good menu selection, helpful and friendly staff and really good food. I would suggest this as a great place to have a taste of New Mexico. If you can believe it, I forgot to take pictures. Seriously – not a one. Oops. I will say that the loaded gorge nachos are a meal on their own.

So my last gorge presentation is one in ceramic tile. I debated waiting till the house is painted so it would be all nice and clean, but there might be too much snow to see it all when I get here next time. This is work that I did on the side of our house in Taos. It is a very loose interpretation of the gorge, though some people think it just looks like a crack in the house. You decide.

tile work on housetile detail

Hope you get to see the gorge some time (you decide which one), or maybe you can just create one.

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