I was recently lucky enough to visit a ranch with an incredible workshop and forge. Take a look.

workshop space

work table

blacksmith at work


double forge

There are also beautiful displays of ironwork with everything well labeled and identified. This building

was my first exposure to the incredible collections on this ranch but I need to save the rest for another post. Don’t mean to sound secretive. I’m just away from home and don’t have a lot of time.

stages of production of metal flower

ironwork display

iron display

more ironwork

Trust me when I tell you the best is yet to come!

20 thoughts

    1. Matt,
      It’s in southern Alberta, on a ranch near the town of Cochrane. I looked at your blog. I’ve never seen aluminium worked like that before and it’s beautiful. Your shop and forge are fascinating to me.I love seeing spaces where things are made. Obviously your shop is very productive – very impressive work!


  1. I love wandering into an artist’s studio, especially when they work in a media I’m not familiar with like glass or this forge. I can’t wait to see your next series of photos!


  2. I worry about running out of ‘adventures’, too. But then I find that blogging and taking photos pushes me out the door looking for more adventures. It’s a good thing!


    1. You really do learn to keep your eyes open for ideas. I did a nature walk this morning and learned a couple of things to post about. It’s become a bit of a joke about what is “blog material” so I doubt I’ll run out. Some posts may not be as interesting as others, but I’ll keep blogging!


  3. Oooo, Terri, You find the Coolest stuff! Do you need someone to carry your luggage? Purse? Open doors for you on you travels? Where do I sign up?


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