weekly photo challenge : dreaming

Here’s a short post, as the only thing I’m dreaming about now is getting some sleep! Had a VERY busy week-end, which I will share when I have the energy. I pulled three photos that say something about dreaming to me. The first photo was taken in the wee hours of the morning, when I wanted to stay in bed and dream, but instead had to drag myself out of bed to catch a plane. The second photo shows a shop full of wonderful things which have me dreaming about how terrific these things might look in my house…  The last photos shows intricate mosaic tile work done many years ago. I can only dream about what it would have been like to work on this fantastic project. (I think the designer had help.)

the Blue Mosque at sunrise

store of wonders

ancient mosaic tile

Hopefully I’ll feel more inspired when I’ve had some sleep… and hopefully some dreams.

6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : dreaming

  1. You get around to some very photographic places near and far. The thing about mosaic is that it’s an art that remains alive and well even here in the US — try Northampton County, Virginia.


    Some of their patterns are a dream! I hope you slept well.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this site. Beautiful stuff!


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