I was feeling the challenge here – not thinking about much except merging traffic, and I certainly couldn’t take a photo with my hands on the wheel. I searched my photo library and pulled some images from a visit to Turkey in 2005. The first photo is an image of fire as it merges with air to lift a hot air balloon.

fire in balloon

In the next photo the hot air balloons merge with the countryside – subtle colors blending together.

balloons merging with  landscapeNext the balloons “e”merge from the ground and rise past the stone peaks in Cappadocia.

balloons in CappadociaHere it looks like a balloon is merging with a pinnacle of rock.

balloon merging with landscapeAnd lastly here are members of our group merged with locals we met while hiking in the Ihlara canyon. These women were farming a small plot of land and were very welcoming to the foreign strangers who took a big interest in what they were doing. The Turkish women are the ones without purses and cameras!

tourists merging with localsI love any excuse to look at travel photos. They bring back fabulous memories and allow me to relive my travels. Remember this phrase when you are packing for a trip. “Camera – don’t leave home without it!”

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  1. I love these pictures! I could practically hear the balloons hissing (they hiss don’t they?). You’ve got a great eye. I don’t even walk a block in my neighborhood without carrying my camera. You never know when you might encounter something you’ll want to capture.


    1. Thanks! The balloon burners make a low roaring sound that you get like to hear, since it means everything is running smoothly. I missed a fantastic dragonfly photo the other day because I was foolish enough to water my plants without my camera in hand!


      1. I so hate missing shots! To this day I regret missing the one of the pigeon walking in the vegetable aisle at my grocer’s (I didn’t have my camera). Back to you, you have such an excellent eye.


  2. I skipped this week because I couldn’t think of anything. Not even merging traffic came to mind. But now I see I need a Thesaurus in the future to help with my creativity. Great use of the word prompt! Nice photos.


  3. Great memories Terri. I think I fit in rather well with the gardeners – it is my camera that gives me away. I love the balloon experiences in Cappadocia – talk about a time to merge with the environment.


  4. Simply Inspiring and dare I say, Uplifting, a really joyous series however I would be delightied to see even more of these! Is this a subject you photograph often?

    Cogtography, a photographic blog (mainly for photographers) for all your inspirational and creative ideas, give us a comment, a like and maybe even a follow. Get creative, get inspired:


    1. Thanks, Tom. I have thousands of photos of Turkey in my collection since I’ve visited 3 times and take more photos each trip. I tend to travel with my camera in my hand most of the time and will photograph almost anything. I love the visual record of where I go and what I’ve been doing – perhaps just preparing for losing my mind!


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