I’ve been printing cards. I love the process – the designing, carving, printing and best of all – looking at the finished product. Sometimes the process goes smoothly, sometimes not so much. I’m still learning (and there is a lot to learn) but I’m having a great time doing so. I print on cards that I purchase – some are just plain paper (white or cream), some are simple backgrounds which are intended forΒ “embellishment”. I also like to work on cards that other people would consider finished or ready to use. The challenge is to improve upon an already great looking card.

Birthday card

yellow birthday card

thank you card

thank you note card

rack of cards out to dry

bicycle notecardI like to play with a variety of styles while I try to develop my personal style, with a sense of humor.

cards freshly printed

pride and prejudice and zombie card

cards on the rack

just for you card

what's up?I’m working on building inventory while I develop my selling strategy. How will I know when I have enough?

18 thoughts

  1. Lovely cards Terri! I especially like the “for the birds” Just for You card and the stabbing With Love. Have you considered visiting a card shop like Papyrus and asking the manager if someone there might be willing to eyeball your portfolio? They mass produce cards, but I think their cards are very nice quality.


    1. Thanks so much Nancy. Glad you like them – nice to think even someone from the Big Apple would think so! A couple of those are printed on Papyrus cards, so I’m not sure what they would think about that. I always leave the original card info visible and stamp that I have taken “creative indulgence” with the cards. Hope that’s enough to make them legit!


      1. Well, if you used their cards in the first place, you might be crossing a line with them with your “creative indulgence”. Then, you might want to try to market them in another way.

        P.S. Call me V.


      2. I think that some of my cards could not be mass marketed because of what I use for “stock” but I can’t imagine printing enough for that to be a problem. I do have loads of cards to print that won’t have that issue but where’s the challenge in that? Thanks again, V.


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