Where to begin? As usual I’m unable to limit myself to a single photo. My first photo is somewhat of a set-up. This is my brother, Phil, behind the counter at my parent’s dry cleaning plant in Lethbridge, Alberta. This picture was taken long after he and I worked at the cleaners, but this was an every day event for many, many years of my life. Even when I wasn’t working, this is where my family hung out.

Phil at Spic & Span

Next I’ll take you to the other side of the world to peek at everyday life in Turkey. I have many fond memories of my visits to Turkey, and enough photos that I could probably use them exclusively for my photo challenges. Of course, that would be too easy. My first Turkish photo shows people on the grounds of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. I think that Turkish people are very good about getting out to enjoy their national treasures on a regular basis.

grounds of Topkapi

Next we’re whisking over to Eastern Turkey. I think these next photos were taken near Urfa and all show aspects of everyday life.

tea time

time for cards

young entrepreneurs

craftsman at work

strawberries for sale

shoe store

man at work, man at lunch


These last photos were taken in the country near Adiyaman. My tour group was fortunate to come across this fabulous group of people who were gathered to milk the sheep and goats, as they do twice a day, every day. They were gracious enough to allow our group to wander about and take pictures. Their hospitality was genuine and made for an incredibly good time! We had so much fun – I’m grinning as I go through these photos.

milking time

woman with goat

busy milking time

the little helper

men at workYou’ll notice the last picture shows the men in the family working in their supervisory role. Wearing suit jackets is the norm, perhaps to emphasise their executive positions!

25 thoughts

      1. That’s where you and I diverge, you delete your in-between shots, and only publish the beauty ones. I post my off-kilter “what was she looking at?” pix, buy those missed shots play into the Lame Adventures “brand”.


  1. I hope you’ll post other pictures of Turkey. I have fond memories of my only visit there, but it was twenty-five years ago and unfortunately I don’t think I have a single pic of that trip. Loved your family moment as well šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you. Don’t you worry, there’s no getting away from more Turkey photos. I have also been on trips in the past with no photos to show, and I regret that I hadn’t caught the “photo bug” yet. I love reliving my travels and you are most welcome to join me.


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