an evening’s work

Spent last night printing. I wanted to do some little note cards for my friend, Louise. Last year I carved a bobbin from her shop’s logo.  I figured she could use some new cards. There is lots of excitement at her shop – Red Red Bobbin, as Kaffe Fassett is teaching there at the end of the month. I’m sending a book to be signed. Kaffe is an incredibly talented artist and designer who works in a variety of mediums. I was particularly inspired by his book Mosaics, Inspiration and Original Projects for Interiors and Exteriors, published in 1999 by The Taunton Press. I’m excited about getting my book signed because I love autographed books! (This applies mostly to cookbooks and craft books and it’s best when I get to meet the author. I did meet Kaffe Fassett many years ago – long before he had written his mosaic book.) In fact the first Kaffe Fassett book I purchased was in 1989 – Glorious Needlepoint. Needlepoint – wow – there’s something I haven’t done for a long time.

bobbin card

cards laid out to dryAfter I finished the bobbin cards, I printed some samples of other stamps I’ve carved.

more prints

assorted stamps

apple carvingNot all the prints are inked perfectly but they are good enough for my  record book. It was a relaxing and productive evening.

8 thoughts on “an evening’s work

  1. Hi Terri. Very talented! Loving your cards! 🙂


  2. I love them and especially the bobbin. What do you carve to make the print and what do you print on?


    1. Thanks. My favorite carving material is called “Easy-to-Cut Lino” by Jack Richeson & Co. I print on purchased cards, either blank or pre-made. If you check some of my earlier printing posts you’ll see some variety.


  3. I love love love the red bobbin! I think you’ll use this stamp many times over. Miss you, studio buddy!


    1. Thanks. It is awfully quiet there right now. Glad you like the bobbin – I want to do more in a sewing series. Your move right now sounds like a good choice. Carry on!


  4. Hi Terri,your imagination is awesome,i love your invention.thank you for displaying your talent.It is worth being proud of.
    All the best from Ranu


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