My brain is tired, but I want to stick with my regular posting schedule. Sorry for the lack of focus, but it’s just that kind of day. I’ve pulled some photos to share some things that inspire me.

jet engine

winter aeriel view

tin lantern

iphone lego man

speaker wall

garden mushroom

octopus at Sushi Hiro

Kush in a basketThis last photo is included because Kush is resting in a beautifully crafted basket. Right. And because I can’t stop taking pictures of this beautiful beast. I’m hoping to get some work done in the studio this week so I’ll have something new to show. Wish me luck.

9 thoughts

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the tips for deboning chicken. I hope you are able to browse through the recipes sometime and try out a few of them. Please let me know what you think if you do try some of them.


  2. I love Kush,she reminds me of Thursday who looked exactly like her.Terri your photos are amazing.You’re lucky to find these places ,where you can go and take the photos.You also have a lot of patience!


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