Now WordPress is conspiring to mess up my posting schedule. Friday is the day the weekly photo challenge is announced, and I’ve worked hard to find my photos and post each Saturday. It is after midnight Friday and still no word from WordPress. I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow, so this is my stop-gap post to keep up the schedule. When all else fails – show off the most adorable animal around – Kush the cat.

Kush in a basket

good fit

Kush decided to make herself comfy in a basket in the studio. Good thing the basket wasn’t any smaller. Not making any judgement on her size – just saying…
testing the new oven mitts

Here Kush is testing out some new oven mitts. I think she likes them as they are quite soft and comfortable.

totally relaxed

Here we have fully relaxed cat – shot through the dining room door. I love that she is able to relax with every fiber of her being. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

ready to pounce

This is the hunter ready to pounce. If only that silly leash wasn’t holding her back. Actually I think she really enjoys watching birds and whatever other small creatures she can find. Even from a second story window she can be totally engrossed with watching.

wise cat

This is my favorite – the wise cat resting on the table outside. She looks like she knows something and she’s not sharing. I’m thinking of changing her name to Houdini. Earlier today she was sitting on the same table waiting to be let in. Her leash and harness were on the ground beside the table and she had a smug look on her face. Oh what I would give to know what goes on in her head! Probably best I don’t know, right?

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      1. Of course she does! That is really what is behind that smug look. Haha…thanks for posting photos. It’s not your imagination…she really is that cute. 🙂


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