Here it is October and time for some lovely fall weather. I love autumn with its cooler temperatures and beautiful colored foliage. I like cool weather clothes a lot more than summer attire, and I love the food that seems better suited to getting cozy inside. The one thing I’m not crazy about in October is snow. We started with a light dusting last week. It wasn’t too bad, and even though there are still a lot of leaves on the trees, everyone knows that the snow will disappear and we can carry on with autumn. The snow that’s fallen in the last couple of days is making it hard to believe. Here are some photos of our yard with a bit of “acceptable” October snow. Note that Kush the cat was willing to spend time outside, even though she decided to hang around on the perimeter of the white stuff.

touch of snow in our yard

Kush enjoying the great outdoorsToday I braved the snowy roads to visit my friend, Catherine. I’ve never seen her outdoor furniture covered in snow, because it is usually put away before that can happen. We love to have our tea outside, but we decided against it today.

snowy yard

have a seatHere are some of the plants in my front yard that haven’t had time to drop their leaves yet.

snowy leaf

snowy hedgeI don’t have anything to show for studio work this week. I’ve cut some fabric for a quilt project and carved some Christmas images for printing. Hopefully I’ll have something to share next week. I’m suffering with a mystery knee injury that has slowed me down in a big way. I’ve missed yoga twice this week, which feels like old-fashioned snow days when school was cancelled!

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  1. I always appreciate a glimpse of Kush! Nice to see her hanging out in truly cool cat style. The white stuff has yet to reach NYC. Last year we had a freak late October snowstorm and then a freakishly snow-free winter. I didn’t mind. I do love the look of untouched snow, but that’s a very brief window in the big city. Quickly, it’s stained with soot and dog pee before it turns into frozen chunks of gray (at the risk of sounding like a book that’s taken the masses by storm).


  2. I like fall only if we don’t have snow.The snow that we get refuses to leave us,even in May.The snow your way looks pretty discouraging to me.When we had our cat J.D,she got the taste of snow one day,and perhaps realized it wasn’t very pleasant for her paws or her body.She therefore preferred to stay indoors.I like your pictures.Thanks for the pictures.


  3. Snow – the accomplish sculptor – good work on the outdoor area. Terri and I had to content ourselves with tea cozily looking out at all that white stuff… goodbye for another year to tea in the outdoors…


  4. It was about this time last year that we had a freaky storm here in Pennsylvania that wiped out power to thousands for over a week. There are predictions that a nasty storm might head up the coast next week. No! no! I want a few more weeks of fall! 🙂


    1. Unfortunately this is not freaky for Calgary, but winter starts whenever it feels like it. We do get lovely warm winds from the Pacific that sweep over the Rocky Mountains and melt all the snow (Chinooks) throughout the winter, so we do get breaks. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for one soon. I mean, the trees look so silly covered in snow when they are still wearing their leaves!


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