This challenge was almost too easy, at least finding photos was easy. The hardest part for me was choosing which photos to post. As usual, once I start looking through my photos, I’m lost for hours. Before I fall asleep I’ll post a few photos from Turkey, Peru, Britain and the United States of America. The theme is foreign, which I define as something I wouldn’t find at home.

Turkish vendors

shop entrance in Cusco

Chinchero festival

Chinchero dancer

camel sign

evil eye tree

Capitol Dome

Warwick castle

Blenheim palace

British telephone boothI think there are British phone booths found outside of the United Kingdom, but this one in a small village just looked like it belonged.



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    1. Thanks for asking. My knee is sore but I’m confident it’s nothing too serious (not surgery – just chiro and physio and stretching and icing type thing). I’m happy to share photos of places I have been lucky enough to visit. We need to talk. I’d love to hear more about Gorilla House.


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