My scattered mind wants to share a couple of random thoughts. I’m afraid this isn’t a very auspicious start to post number 201, but if I’m going to stay on schedule there’s going to be some less than first class material dished out. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

I want to share a steal of a deal that I got at the craft store Michael’s last week. I stopped off to pick up a little pump bottle for my stamp cleaner, but just inside the door was a table of sale items. It’s not like I could just walk by – not when the savings were 50 – 70% off of the last marked price. Come on. I picked up a couple of ink pads and printing miscellany, and then I spotted a large tub of cake icing. I don’t usually buy cake icing – I’m a scratch baker. The last time I purchased icing, my kids were young and I was doing exciting cakes like Super Mario, Ninja Turtles or Barbie in a ball gown. When I needed a ton of icing for a party cake that would be inhaled by a slew of children, I would buy icing in little tubs at the grocery store. Those days are long gone.

This tub got my attention. With the popularity of reality shows on television, cake decorating has become very mainstream. Some of the more popular t.v. star chefs have developed their own line of cake decorating products. Craft stores like Michaels carry their goods. Imagine my surprise to see a large tub of icing from the Duff Goldman line on the sale table. First thing I did was pick it up to see if it was damaged in any way. No – perfect container – not opened or tampered with in any way. Then I checked the expiry date, assuming it must be expired or about to expire to warrant the sale price. No – no apparent expiry date. Besides, I imagine this stuff lasts forever. A sane person might then consider whether they needed the icing, but that thought never crossed my mind.

What did cross my mind was the price. This icing that started out at $27.99 was marked down to $2.79, and it was 50% off. Need I say more?  Did I mention that it weighs 1.59 kilograms, or about 3.5 pounds? Well, it does. So if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can to with that much white icing, please let me know. I’m actually wondering if it could be used like plaster for a craft project…

tub of Duff white icing

price tag on icingThe other thing I wanted to mention is what an amazing learning experience you can have at the grocery store check out. While waiting to pay for a few items today, I learned that I could lose 42 pounds by drinking coffee (which I already drink so why haven’t I already lost it?), that Cher is involved in a sex cult scandal, that Barak appears to be angry with Michelle, and that the Queen is ill. I’m so sorry to hear about the Queen, and I hope it doesn’t really have anything to do with Camilla’s evil plot to seize the throne. How will I sleep tonight with all that bad news floating around in my head? I may have to resort to wearing blinders when I pay for my groceries. Come to think of it, the price of groceries might not be as painful if I wasn’t looking.

Women's Weekly

National Enquirer


I have done some studio work, but still there is nothing of consequence to show. Hang in there. I know that’s what I’m doing.



14 thoughts

  1. There was a time when I would ditch the cake and just eat the icing. Come to think of it, that’s still a tempting idea. I’ve always thought that the cake was only there to hold the icing anyway. And now that I see you read (and understand) the headlines on trashy magazines at the checkout, I am doubly glad we are following each others’ blogs 🙂


  2. On the loosing 42 lbs drinking coffee, obviously you didn’t read the small print about adding the ‘stir-in’ to melt fat. Come on Terri, even if you don’t open the magazine at least you can read every conceivable detail – I am happy to see you picked up on it being Camilla who is behind dear Lizzie’s poor health – would have been disappointed if you had overlooked that detail….


  3. Too bad you didn’t see a mag cover about some woman giving birth to 40 pound triplets . Made a variation of your stew recipe tonight, it was delicious. Maybe if you put the icing on your thighs you will lose , you will lose 40 pounds and then you will be on the cover of a magagzine!


  4. The reduction in price of the icing,can attract anyone to buy it.What can be done with so much icing,frankly I don’t know.Maybe you can make cupcakes and use your icing and distribute to the kids for Halloween.If they go bonkers after eating all that sugar,well the parents will take care of that part of the problem.Sounds uninteresting? Sorry! I like your posts.My best wishes go to you.


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