dragonfly print plus

Finally able to get some work done at my studio. A friend recently renovated her kitchen and I wanted to make her a gift. I heard she liked dragonflies and thought that they would be a great image to work with. I carved a large dragonfly in 2 parts, (wings and body), to print on red and white striped tea towels. The wing span is about 8″. I used brown textile ink with a bit of black mixed in, and oddly enough they looked very black. Even when I used straight brown ink, they looked black. Guess I have a lot to learn about this medium. Fortunately the experimenting and learning is a whole lot of fun! I folded the tea towels below in half so you can get an idea of the scale.

dragon fly image

folded towel

dragonfly detail

I printed a couple of cotton table runners with Christmas designs. I carved Christmas ornaments, and a stylized Christmas tree. Here are just a couple of photos. I’ll post more once I get the color corrected. The green runner is a strong lime green color in real life, and the trees are printed on bright red. When I looked through the viewfinder, the color looked fine but changed drastically as the image came into focus. Sometimes I am just stumped by technology.

green ornament runner

red tree runner

tree detailWhile I would love to sort out these technical issues immediately, I’m a bit too busy in the kitchen. If it’s November, it must be time to make fruit cake. I spent the week-end cleaning, sorting and slicing dried fruit. I expect to be able to start baking tomorrow. I need to juggle my time so that I can keep working in the studio this week as well. Here’s hoping!

11 thoughts on “dragonfly print plus

  1. Love the dragonfly. Really beautiful. 🙂


  2. Your dragonfly is beautifully cut ! I don’t know what photo editing you have Terri , but if perhaps you have on your ‘adjustments’ an option to alter ‘Hue and Saturation’ then try it and have a go at moving the sliders along each bit and see what difference in the colours it makes , then save the image you are happy with .


    1. Thanks. I’ve upped the saturation but can’t find a hue adjustment. I wasn’t shooting in raw either. After I get some cakes in the oven I’ll play with it some more.


  3. Terri – the dragonfly is super – great image. Glad to hear that the fruitcake is underway; means Christmas can’t be too far off. I love the anticipation of the holidays!


    1. Me too. But at the same time I’m already fretting about how exhausting the whole thing can be!


  4. Love the dragonflies. Use any photomanipulation software to change color saturation when you aren’t happy with the result. It’s very easy.


    1. Thanks. When I went to the “adjustments”, I didn’t even know where to start!


  5. Wow… lovely. You are very creative!


  6. I like your post about the dragon fly.You are so creative.Thank you very much for your post.


    1. You are very welcome. Thanks for your continued support!


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