It snowed in Calgary and now it’s snowing on WordPress! Monday morning was absolutely beautiful. We had fresh snow and sunshine and no wind. It was so lovely I had to pull over several times on my way to yoga. I wanted to capture the essence of the look, in case it melted away while I was in class. This is what I saw:three giants in snow

deep snow on trees

snowy street

single snowy tree

snowy street view

The snow had obviously blown in, as the coverage was heavy on one side of the trees, while the back side was left bare. Two hours later when I was outside again, clumps of snow were falling off the trees as they absorbed the heat from the sun. I love the oversized coniferous trees which tower above the houses. In an older neighborhood you can see that people don’t plant with full size trees in mind. They either don’t believe the trees will get as big as they are supposed to, or they know they will have moved by then and it will be someone else’s problem!

13 thoughts

  1. The trees dressed in snow,looks kind of spiritual.I wrote one of Rumi’s poem in one of my blogs.I was looking for a tree .I found one from Zemanta.It was absolutely gorgeous.One of your trees almost looks like the one I posted.Excellent photographs,Terri,I love them. It’s snowing on WordPress, I couldn’t get it on my blog.I did not actually understand how to do it.


  2. So pretty! Your tree comment struck me funny. A large tree on my lawn fell on my neighbor’s house during Sandy. Awful. But I’m planting another, and I had that thought… by the time the tree gets big, it will be someone else’s problem!


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