Is it just me or is WordPress stalking my blog? I posted “a change of scene” on Wednesday and on Friday they come out with this challenge? Come on people – you’ve got to try to stay ahead of me! Since I posted snow shots which represent the authoritative arrival of winter, I thought I’d share a couple of variations on the theme. The first photo represents the true end of the Christmas season. When we put up a large tree, the easiest way to get it out of the house is to prune all the branches off and cart it out in pieces. The second photo shows what looks like snow in my front yard. It is actually hail that collected on the ground in July of 2004. I think it represents an unusual and unwelcome change in the season, but one that doesn’t surprise anyone who lives in Calgary.


079-garden & yard-2004-07-03Oh, and just to see if someone is paying attention – Happy Birthday, Marc!


9 thoughts

  1. Laughing@tree solution ! I’ve been known to get ours thro’ the window with all the needles springing back into the room :-/


  2. Ever creative in life ….. your solution to removing a large Christmas tree is so consistant with how your mind works. I probably would have dragged it through the house and still would have been finding needles in July of the following year….


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