oh christmas wreath, oh christmas wreath

Okay, so maybe that’s not how the song goes, but it’s what jumped into my head and now I can’t get rid of it. Sometime in November I was out shopping and found an interesting wreath made of small bits of driftwood. I am not a beach person, so this did not hold any special significance for me, but I loved the simple materials put together in an unexpected form. I also knew it had potential. It took some time to decide what to do to make this my own, but eventually I decided to wrap the sticks in wire. This would have been much simpler if I could have wrapped the wood before the wreath was constructed. I like sticks, and I especially like wrapped sticks, and after a few nights work this is what I created:

wire wrapped section

wrapped section 2

wire wrapped section 3

wreath - first draftI liked the look of the wire, but it was so subtle that you needed to practically touch the wreath to appreciate the look of the various colored wires (gold, silver, copper, black and red) wrapped around the weathered wood. Kush was helping me and she agreed that we needed to do more.

Kush helping with wreathI found tiny glass balls (purchased in years past at Ikea) that matched the wire colors and proceeded to attach small bunches to the wreath. I kept adding until I was too tired to add any more. I like the finished wreath. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn’t really have anything specific in mind when I started. I’ve changed the following photos – Kush was totally involved in the shoot.


finished wreath

detail 4

detail 2

detail 1

detail 3

Kush sitting in wreath

perfect fit

Kush in the wreathObviously if I put the wreath on the floor to take pictures, it must also mark the spot for a cat to relax. Oh, and on another note – Happy Birthday to my brother, Phil. (I don’t think he follows my blog, but I’m sure he’ll hear about this.)

24 thoughts on “oh christmas wreath, oh christmas wreath

  1. Pretty cool wreath! But, I LOVE your cat! His (Her?) face is so cute! My cat Perl, used to make the same face, she had huge, green eyes and would sit there staring. Especially if we had chicken for dinner. She reminded me of those old clocks whose eyes went back and forth, Anyway, happy to see your blog~ It’s great!


    1. Thanks, Christie. Kush (female) is adorable. She belongs to my youngest son who just returned home from travelling in Australia. Not sure how much longer she will live here… not looking forward to her leaving either.


      1. Ohhh, she will be missed, I am sure!


  2. It must have taken a long time to find the right collection of sticks that would make such a beautiful wreath! I don’t think I would have thought of adding in the wire, it looks great! Reminds me of the art of Alan Goldsworthy!


    1. Oh thank you, but the wreath of driftwood was probably made in China. I bought it at a store called Homesense where they carry some fabulous home accessories at terrific prices. I like working with “found” objects, even if I find them in a store!


  3. Brilliant Terri ! Really lovely personalisation of the driftwood wreath .
    I have a collection of driftwood begging to be made into something like this !
    Do we get to see it on your Door ? 😉


  4. I love it, so creative to add the wire and bells. I would never have the patience to make it look so lovely. =)


    1. Thank you. I’m afraid that once I get started on a project I seem to get carried away. Fortunatelly I only stabbed myself once or twice with the wire!


  5. I see sticks and you and Kush see a wreath. Once again, you and your cat collaborator, created a lovely work of folk art.


    1. Thanks. Kush thought that everytime I wrapped a wire it was for her to bat and attack – didn’t slow me down much at all!


  6. Terri… this was incredible! Super clever!


    1. Thanks. I was really pleased with how the wire worked out, and I needed the extra sparkle.


  7. You’re always so clever and those kitty pictures say it all. What a face.


  8. Fantastic Terri and what a lovely cat too!


  9. I love this. I adore the use of such fantastic found materials! I really want one now…lol I may have sticks in the yard but they won’t be as smooth as the drift wood.


    1. I think rough sticks would be great too, but I would wrap them before I assembled. Then I would lay the pieces in a rough circle and start wiring them together. Mine is nailed, but I think you could make it stable with wire and some nails. Let me know if you give it a try. Or maybe you could just start collecting really good sticks and make one after Christmas. Without the balls it would look good all year if you ask me.


  10. I just love your Christmas wreath.I made Christmas wreaths out of plastic garbage bags.I cut the garbage bag into several six inches in length and two inches wide pieces.I got a wire hanger twisted it until it was round enough to look like a wreath.Then I tied the pieces all around.It looked pretty good.Yours look exceptional.Thank you for this.


    1. You’re welcome. I love the variety of wreaths that you see – so much creativity!


  11. This is beautiful! Something like this would be perfect for a beach house Christmas decoration.


    1. Wouldn’t it? Now all I need is a beach house!


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