Here’s my response to the WordPress challenge this week. When I thought about “delicate” a couple of things came to mind, and they seemed somewhat incompatible. After some serious contemplation, I decided that I was okay with the incompatibility. I’ve chosen delicate flowers, and delicate iron work. You can tell me if you think they both work for this week’s challenge.

purple globe type flower

cow parsley

purple flowers

pasque flower seed heads

pink flower

part of iron gate

iron arch

iron grillAlso remembered this photo I took earlier this month of frost on cobwebs. They were so beautiful that I didn’t feel badly for not sweeping them away earlier! (Also needed to include this photo – how likely is it that it will fit another challenge?)

frosty cobwebs


23 thoughts

  1. I think they fit really well Terri ! Love those blooms close up .
    You’ve even got an extra delicate in there with the ‘ Delicate Tracery ‘ stonework around the gothic windows behind the iron work 🙂


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