keeping busy

Poppy asked about a photo of my wreath on the door, but I couldn’t decide where it looked best.  The first photo is the door to a shed at the side of the house, the second is our front door. I like it against both colors of wood. Unfortunately for the wreath, it actually hangs on a weathered grey wooden pantry door. Oh well.

wreath on purple door

wreath on blue doorRecently I’ve done some sewing. I have sewn quilts for 3 of my 4 children, which they have received sometime after graduating from high school. Marc has been very patient, as he just turned 24 and is still waiting. (Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be last in line.) In my defense I did start his years ago, but once the center blocks with star appliques were completed, I sort of lost interest. I made an almost identical quilt for his older brother, and I couldn’t get excited about doing the same thing. Fast forward a few years and I know I have to do something with these blocks. The first 3 photos show some of the blocks as they have been for years. The 4th block has started growing, and the last photo shows a new improved and expanded block. I hope to make them all the rectangular blocks into squares and then play around with them. I’ll let you see when I’m finished. It won’t be before Christmas, but I have high hopes for 2013!

star block

star block 2

star block 3

star block 4

star block 5I wrapped the fruitcakes that I made in November. I have had the cakes wrapped in cheesecloth (that was soaked in liquor) for several weeks. About once a week I unwrapped them, resoaked the cloth and wrapped them up again. They reached saturation point so it was time for packaging. As there were 50 cakes, it took en entire evening to wrap them.

cutting cello

starting to wrap

finished cake

gluten free cakeThe last cake has a different wrap and ribbon because it is gluten free and I don’t want to mix them up. I love how distorted the cakes look in these photos. Can’t tell if it was the way I was holding my camera or what! They were all lovely and regular in shape when I wrapped them – honest!




16 thoughts on “keeping busy

  1. I don’t like fruit cake. I think it works best as a door stop, but I am sure if there was one fruit cake on this entire planet that did not taste like a dense brick, it would be yours. I envy your 50 recipients and I hope they appreciate your effort.


    1. I really wish you could try my cake. I love making converts! The density of my cakes is caused by the thorough soaking in alcohol – do I have your attention yet? Thanks for commenting on something you don’t like!


      1. Terri your fruit cake owns my attention.


  2. Your colourful doors are so appealing! I especially like the purple one.


  3. YAY Terri ! Looks so lovely on the front door … you did a super maker over with the wreath 🙂
    Tha Cakes *WHOO* a marathon bake – I couldn’t possibly do that sort of thing *well done that girl* 😉


  4. I think it looks smashing on the front door!


    1. Thanks. I think most things look great on a bright blue door so it’s kind of cheating.


  5. Well done Terri – what a tradition the cakes have become. There will be 50 delighted families savouring these treats over the holidays with family and friends…


    1. I just want to know how I forgot that I was cutting back on the cakes! Next year, please remind me.


  6. So glad to hear that your quilting projects go on the same schedule as mine.. I am always careful not to say which year they are intended for when designated as a christmas gift. Your cakes look delicious


    1. Thanks, Lorraine. I’m so grateful that there’s no expiration date on my fabric!


  7. Did you say 50 fruit cakes? Wow, I’m seriously impressed! I hope the recipients of these cakes really appreciate them – they’re amazing (and I bet they taste great, too)!


    1. Wish I could share them with you. The actual shipping is my least favorite part of the whole ordeal.


  8. It was a lot of work,it seems,the packaging part.You really have a lot of patience,I am thinking about soaking and resoaking the cakes.Your friends and family would love them.Thanks for the post.


    1. You’re welcome. The cakes are a lot of work but I think they are worth it. Most years I think so at least.


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