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Resolved. This is that time of year, isn’t it? Full of resolutions and good intentions. I resolved to get in a run on January 1st – this is a photo post-run. Spoiler: it was a good one! Why not share a photo which represents one of your New Year’s resolutions? If you don’t make them, what about sharing a photo which represents something you’d like to get better at in photography this year?

Share a picture which means RESOLVED to you!

I’m delighted to share a few photos (since I can never limit myself to just one) that are hot off the press. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make better use of my creative energy and get some studio work done. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Of course it is only 4 days into the new year, but so far so good! The first thing I did was pick up (from the counter in my studio) a little book called “Mary Engelbreit’s Book of Days”. I bought this in 1992, and I’m sure of the date because I wrote my name and the year in the front of the book. That’s all I ever wrote. Talk about a fear of making a mess on a pristine page – that’s what I was all about – for years, obviously.

Book of Days

Since all the birthdays and specials days that I need to keep track of are on my computer calendar, I decided to use this little book to start a record of what I “create” this year. I mean, come on, it’s the first week of January. How perfect is that? So here are the notes so far:

creativity notes

My actual list of things to do is recorded in Evernote – my favorite note taking program on my computer.  One of the great things about Evernote is that it is cloud based and will automatically keep track of things on all my electronic devices. I could have easily started record keeping of my accomplishments in Evernote, but then what would I do with this cute little book that ALREADY has my name in it? You see my point.

Today was the first day in ages that I have done any printing, and it felt great to get my hands dirty and play with the inks and cards. I printed cards to send to my friends in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico, in the hopes that someone will want to buy a little hand crafted something that says Taos on it. Then I printed a few cheery little cards to add to my inventory. Here’s some of what I did:

ski taos2

taos nm

ski Taos cardThis next picture

loaded card rackmakes me very

happy cardI’m totally inspired and ready to create. This is going to be a great year! I hope you’ll join me and share your creativity too!

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  1. Well done to you, Terri. Love your cards. I’ve had a journal for years now, and have never written anything in it for fear of spoiling it. I rather use scrappy little notepads. 🙂


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