look at me : i’m teaching yoga!

Okay – that might be a bit of a stretch. And there are no pictures to back me up. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Today – my first yoga class of 2013, and I got to teach (well perhaps it was more like lead) the class for 20 minutes! Believe me when I tell you, this was not planned. Perhaps I should explain.

This morning I went to yoga class at a family sports club (I go there for one class per week). This club shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. Class was scheduled to start at 9:30, and I rolled in at my traditional 9:28 to get set up. There was an obvious void at the front of the class where the instructor usually sets up. I knew this was not a good sign, as our instructor is usually there early, presumably well before 9:30. I thought I should take action, so I called our instructor at home. She had called the club the day before to confirm when classes started, and she was told that they started on January 12. LIARS! Okay, perhaps there was just a miscommunication to the sports desk staff, but for whatever reason we were without a teacher. Since our instructor would be able to move at near the speed of light and get to the club fairly quickly, she asked me to start the class with a few simple poses. Yikes! Thankfully there were only 7 other students, most of whom were able to follow along with my instructions and demonstrations. I was just about to repeat a pose when the studio door opened and my savior  our teacher, arrived. The rest of the class was excellent.

Personally I’m shocked that no one thought to take a picture of my momentous teaching experience. Especially when it is not likely to be repeated any time soon. Here’s a photo from a real yoga class. My “teaching” was nothing like this.

Marlene's yoga class

Kush was helping me blog (she always helps when I’m stuck for an idea). She’s such a good cat. Now if only I could teach her to take pictures…

Kush and I blogging

16 thoughts on “look at me : i’m teaching yoga!

  1. Maybe you can do an illustrated post of teaching yoga to Kush? I suspect she might have other ideas about that.


    1. She’s so flexible – she should be teaching me! Her downward dog is simply amazing!


  2. I’m betting you are a great teacher…how wonderful for you and them.


    1. Thanks, Susannah. It was fun, but would be even more fun if I’d been expecting it!


      1. Maybe it’s a sign that you should teach.


  3. Well done on just doing it. 🙂 What a cute pussycat. 🙂


    1. Thank you, and thank you from Kush. (She’s started to read all the comments.)


  4. Sounds like you stepped up to the mark v well Terri !
    Oh look@ Kush gazing at you …


    1. Thanks, Poppy. I didn’t really have a choice, but it wasn’t too bad. And what can I say about the cat? We adore each other!


  5. One more line for your résumé – 2013: Yoga Teacher at ‘X’ Family Sports Club…. Well done!


    1. You mean another non-paying job, like all my others!


  6. Way to start the new year by stepping up and meeting a challenge! Let the adventures continue!


    1. That’s the way I feel. Thanks for your encouragment!


  7. Wow,Terri,I am glad to know you can handle any situation,whatever they may be.Congratulations! Thanks a bunch for this.


    1. I’m not sure handle is the right word, but thanks anyway!


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