I’ve been busy for the last few days watching a course on CreativeLive. It took a lot of my time, but it was quite interesting learning to develop a right brain business plan. It was difficult to get much other creative work done, and then yesterday I got hit with a 24 hour bug. Today I watched the course and slept, and finally I’m back on my feet. I didn’t spend a lot of time being creative, unless you count spinach ravioli tossed with bacon and soft goat cheese. (I was craving starch.) Talk about not wanting to think or do any real work!

I decided to go through my photos for post material, and came up with something I’d forgotten all about. Two years ago while in Austin, Texas, we came across this fabulous mosaic tile artwork. There are 2 large free-standing sections to this project, with different themes on each face. It is really outstanding. Hope you like it.

tile mosaic overviewabstract mosaic detailmosaic detailmosaic mural detailAustin tripmosaic overviewtile mosaic muralmural mosaic detaildetail of muralabstract tile mosaic detailabstract mosaic tile detail mosaic mural
Austin tripAustin tripAustin trip

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    1. Yes, but you can bet they had help. I’m not smart enough to get help when I’m tiling, not until I get to the grouting stage. One day I’ll find someone who wants to work with me… But I really like seeing great tile projects, and this is a style I love.


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