weekly photo challenge : beyond

Here’s my response to the WordPress weekly photo challenge. You can check out the guidelines for the challenge here. My first photo hints at shopping beyond the arch. This was my first exposure to shopping in Istanbul and I can remember the excitement as I approached this entrance. It was a small bazaar area – a good place to start – not as overwhelming as the Grand Bazaar!

archway to shopping

The next photo shows some of Istanbul beyond a row of rooftop chimney pots.

city beyond the chimney pots

Here’s a photo that was taken at Aphrodisia. I like the view of the hills beyond the ruins.

mountains beyond

My last photos show a shepherd’s tent – viewed from outside a rather makeshift looking affair, but beyond the exterior a warm and inviting home.

outside of tent

inside a tent

I thought it would be appropriate to go beyond my recent photos for this challenge, all the way to 2005. Of course I love any excuse to go through my photos of  my Turkish travels.

21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : beyond

  1. Perfect for the challenge. Turkey is one of my favourite destinations too 🙂


    1. All it takes is one vist to be hooked, don’t you think?


      1. Absolutely! We returned to Istanbul last year, and the bug is still not out of my system 🙂


  2. Would really love to travel to Turkey some day. Your photos let me go there in the meantime. Thanks, Terri!


    1. Do get in touch if you plan on going. I’ll hook you up with the right people!


      1. That would be amazing!


  3. Love your photos for the challenge. I would really like to visit Istanbul too. 🙂


    1. Such a fabulous city. Hope you get to visit – it is incredible! Thanks for dropping by.


  4. I love your Turkish travels too!


    1. I don’t know about you but I am itching to get back soon!


  5. Super travel photos of a place I should like to venture to one of these odd days ! Love the tent interior with those cosy rugs 🙂


    1. I cannot say enough about how fabulous Turkey is. It is such a huge country that you can visit again and again and never be bored!


  6. I really loved visiting Turkey again through your photos. Especially intriguing was the peek inside the shepherd’s tent. Wonderful post!


    1. Having tea in that tent was a highlight of the trip. I found so many generous welcoming people in Turkey. I NEED to return sooner rather than later! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Great memories of our travels together – seems almost impossible that it was 7 years ago. Where has the time gone? I love the time that we share, here or there! Thanks for your post Terri….


    1. Thanks to you for encouraging me to take that first trip to Turkey. My life would really be missing something if you hadn’t shared your love of the country and the people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  8. Beautiful photographs,I loved them all.


    1. Thanks, Ranu. Always such fun looking for them too.


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