weekly photo challenge : kiss

Apparently I don’t take a lot of photos of people kissing. I think that kissing is often a private act, unless it’s Christmas and there is a lot of misletoe involved or you’re at a wedding. Either way, I was only able to come up with a couple of photos – both from last year’s family weddings.

B and T kissingM and D kissing

Then it struck me – the challenge is kiss – not necessarily kissing. And KISS lives at my house – in Pez form of course. You must understand that this set of Pez has lived in Calgary for many years. They are fantasy Pez, meaning that someone took Pez dispensers and painted them to look like other characters. They offered them for sale on eBay, and the rest is history! (I saw KISS while I was at university. When was that, you might ask? Suffice to say that it was a long time ago, possibly in the 70’s. So, when offered a chance to buy fantasy Pez of KISS, I jumped at it.) Well, finally Pez candy company has realized the marketing potential of these crazy looking characters, and they have created a KISS collector set. I want them! Here’s a photo of my very dusty KISS, and a picture of the object of my desire from the Pez website.

fantasy KISS Pez real Pez set of KISS

I guess when I think about it, they really represent one aspect of what KISS means to me. My sincere thanks to the powers that be at Pez.

22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : kiss

  1. I got my morning chuckle on your Pez Kiss figures. Too funny! And, I’m with you, kissing does seem a bit private…I would be hard pressed to come up with lots of photos of that as well!


    1. Thanks, Linda. Glad I could give you a smile. I know my Pez make me happy whenever I see them (as long as I’m not close enough to see all the dust and be reminded that they need a little attention!)


  2. the pez dispensers are hysterical! But the wedding kiss…it must have been something! She has to hold onto the light fixture to stay on her feet!
    smooches from the Chesapeake.


    1. Thanks. I assume you mean hysterical in a good way, right? And yes, I thought that kiss was a pretty good one too. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Oh, yes, good hysterical. But just..at the time…sexy/scary Kiss being reproduced as childrens candy dispensers. That’s hysterical. And now, with the retro-cutsiness of it all, I really think the pezdispensers are at odds with the image Kiss ever intended. Still hysterical.


  3. KISS Pezs – how fabulous!


    1. They really are, aren’t they? Thanks for dropping by!


  4. Ahahaha.. I like that first two photos, and the band KISS! hehe. 🙂


  5. Now that really is Kiss! I think I like your set better:D Thanks again for having us last week.. it was great fun! xx


  6. I think it’s great,if one can show his or her affection,regardless of where it is.I like your post.


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