I’m afraid this challenge took me by surprise. I love using the camera on my iPhone, but my schedule didn’t allow for wandering the neighborhood today. Here are a couple of photos taken from my front steps – a murky view of downtown Calgary, including the Calgary Tower and our tallest office building – The Bow, and another shot taken right in front of our house. You can see a mom pulling a sleigh with her children in tow while their dog trots along. There is always activity in our park – people and dogs enjoying the wide open space (and off leash privileges.) It’s a beautiful park.

downtown view park actionTomorrow I’ll get out for a walk. I want to get more images for the challenge. Stay tuned. Here’s the information on the challenge.

I’ve decided to just add to this post instead of posting again. Here are more phoneography photos of my neighborhood.  I went for a walk with my good friend, Catherine. We walked along the river and I took a rest on a snow covered bench.

pathway river snowy benchHere’s another picture of the park across from our house, and a closer view of the downtown skyline from a vantage point on our walk. Today was the kind of day that lets us believe that spring might actually arrive! Look at that blue sky – not photo shopped or adjusted in any way.

park view downtown view

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