Another class and more to share. Class was packed with information and not enough time to do everything I wanted to! I arrived early and applied photo emulsion to 2 screens. Then I set up my print table and organized my supplies. Our instructor, Margo, showed us a variety of printed fabrics and we analyzed the placement of the print elements. Then we learned about lay-out and registration, necessary when you want to print a number of images in a predictable pattern. There was a lot of measuring and calculating and marking and precision involved. I wasn’t sure I would like this part of printing. Fortunately we stopped before my head exploded and we got to start work.

Here are some images that I prepared and then developed on my screens. One screen had a photo-copy image that I created with a basic circular pattern from Dover Publications. The other images were hand drawn and then photo-copied. The last image was created with 2 x-rays. I didn’t have time to print that one, but I’ll try it next week.

rings on screen squares on screen x-ray screen

Here’s what I managed to print before it was time to clean up. (I printed on white-on-white printed fabric which added a little texture to the images.)

printed fabric various images

Now I’m busy deciding what to print in the remaining classes. Decisions, decisions.


2 thoughts

    1. Thanks. I feel such pressure deciding what to do next.. Would love to do some tablecloths and napkins, but have to commit to the designs. Using the photo emulsion technique you can’t just tweak it after you’ve burned the screen. And printing a tablecloth means if you mess up, you mess up. Will have to relax and just give it a go!


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