I couldn’t resist this photo challenge. Seriously. Isn’t this a huge reason why people travel? To share and learn about culture in other parts of the world? I know it is a strong draw for me. I selected a few photos from my visit to Peru in 2010. These photos were taken very early in my trip in the village of Chinchero, and I was blown away by the people and color and traditions that make up part of their culture. It was an amazing introduction to Peru!

Peruvian locals enjoying the festivities dancers procession snack break

There are a couple more photos from this fall celebration here. Do check out other entries this week – it’s an interesting  WordPress challenge.

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  1. Although I’ve never been to Peru, I would be able to identify the country from these wonderful photos. The colors and dress are easily recognized as Peruvian. What a wonderful trip that must have been. I love the style of hats in the first photo. 🙂


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