My apologies for not posting for a week. I’ve been busy, started several posts but just couldn’t seem to get them finished. Last week I received a parcel from my dear friend, Louise. You know Louise – from Red Red Bobbin in Brantford, Ontario? She and her husband, Jim, own a fabulous quilt shop with a full line of quilting services and they do amazing work. Louise just finished quilting a quilt that I made for my son, Marc. (You can see the quilt in production in this post.) As soon as I carefully opened the parcel and spread out my colorful quilt, I called Louise to tell her how much I love it, because I do! Then as soon as I hung up I started grabbing fabrics to “audition” for the binding. I selected a black and white print by Nancy Crow. I ironed the fabric, ran it through my die cut machine, pressed in a fold and started sewing in on to the quilt. The process  involves sewing the binding to the front side of the quilt by machine, then folding it over the raw edge of the quilt and hand stitching it in place. I think it gives a nice finish. You can tell me what you think.

before the binding

fabric for binding

red red bobbin labelquilt on table quilt detail corner close up cat approval label block label back showing quilting corner detail back and front of quilt

I completed 2 sides of the quilt that very day but finally had to call it quits and go to bed. Over the next couple of days I completed the binding and voilà! It’s all finished. I wanted to post photos immediately, but Marc left town  for a few days and I wanted to include him in the post. Finally he arrived home – slightly exhausted.

sleeping Marc

16 thoughts

  1. Terri, what a beautiful quilt and a gift that I am sure Marc will treasure forever. Congratulations on finishing it.


      1. yay! sorry I didn’t comment sooner…been on a break from the blogging life…let myself get off course while trying to save a relationship that turned out to (suprise suprise) not worth saving! lol


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