For the last few days I have been busy sewing. It feels great! I’ve had this particular quilt project hanging over my head for the past 6 or 7 years. That’s all. I may have mentioned before that I’ve made quilts for my children – about the time that they graduate from high school. Unfortunately for my youngest son, his quilt has not been completed. In fact, I haven’t worked on it for YEARS. I ran out of steam and enthusiasm for the project because the four quilts are quite similar, and I just couldn’t face doing another one! After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to change things up a bit, toss the original plan for the quilt and work with what I had.

I had all the blocks for the quilt started – stars appliqued in the center and several rows of color stitched around them. The blocks were supposed to be rectangular, so for starters I decided that they would morph to squares. They would need to be more free-spirited with little regard for what the other blocks looked like. I cut strips of fabric to add to my collection, and I started putting them together. I have finished (except to trim) 5 blocks and the rest are coming along nicely. Once they are all the same size, I will lay them out on the floor to arrange them and decide how to put them together. You’ll see.

Here are the bins full of fabric strips – an artist’s color palette – ready to be added to the quilt blocks.

cut fabric strips more fabric strips more fabric strips

This is what the blocks look like during the design and construction process. I sew on a strip of color, iron the strip in place, trim the edges and look for a strip to add to a different side of the block. This way I can build to the size needed.

blocks I'm working on quilt block in progress work surface piled with color

And finally here are the five blocks that are almost finished. They are big enough but might be trimmed to a uniform size. Then again, some of them might grow some more and there might be different sizes.

Decisions, decisions. I just love working with all this inspiring color heaped on my sewing table! With any luck at all, Marc will have his quilt before he finishes university. (There is a good chance of this happening, since once I get into a project I’m like a woman possessed!)

star quilt block star quilt block star quilt block star quilt block star quilt block

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  1. My mom is a quilter and I stopped by,imagine my surprise when I saw the beautiful blocks you’ve sewn.Mom has made all of us quilts and we love them so.Some of the grandkids are getting wore out so now she is into repairing them also.I tell you quilters are amazing to me.What a labor of love!


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