Surface Design Association Conference – San Antonio, TX. Wednesday was our first day of pre-conference activity. It was beyond my expectations. Pamela and I had signed up for a bus tour – here’s the brochure description:

“The tour begins at the new Art Cloth Studios, hosted by Jane Dunnewold. It continues with a visit to the Witte Museum’s exhibit of ornately beaded and embellished Fiesta gowns. (Originally a single parade to honor fallen Texas heroes, Fiesta has grown into a 10-day celebration featuring some 100 events and dozens of “royal courts,” whose members wear elaborate gowns in the many Fiesta parades.) Final stop is the McNay Art Museum, with its noted collection of theater arts, including Fiesta Festival, an exhibit of festival costume drawings and stage models from around the world.”

You have no idea what a fabulous time was had by all. There were 2 busloads of attendees and there was an excitement in the air the entire day. As an added bonus there was an exhibit of large prayer flags by Sharon Rowley hanging in the yard of the studio. The studio space occupies the main floor of house, with the wet studio occupying what would be a huge garage for anyone else. (What a waste of space that would be!) Everyone was practically drooling with the thought of working in such beautiful space! This studio is so new that the photos on the website still show another space. We were some of the first visitors, and honored to see the thoughtful and well planned spaces.

After the studio tour we stopped for lunch – authentic Texas bar-b-que at Augie’s Restaurant. Great food and atmosphere. Both museums were fantastic. Soo much to see – too much to tell. (I’m afraid I will be guilty of an excess of superlatives when describing everything related to the conference, but that’s just the way it was! Here are a few photos to give you a taste of the wonder!

exterior studio view side of studio artwork on side of studio studio main house artful kitchen prayer flag info prayer flags in back yard studio work space wet studio work space wet studio view

Augie's bar-b-que Fiesta gowns Fiesta gown gown detail McNay exterior McNay entrance work by Jane Dunnewold Jane Dunnewold detail McNay interior McNay interior McNay original exterior sculpture at McNayAs if that wasn’t enough stimulation for one day, there was a lecture in the evening. Several instructors gave slide presentations of their work. We heard from Jackie Abrams, Kathyanne White, Kerr Graboski, Kim Eichler-Messmer and Mo Kelman. Unbelievable collection of work and talent!

Jackie Abrams Mo Kelman, Jackie Abrams and Kerr Grabowski


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  1. Great to read and see what you have been up to… now I hope you and yours are all safe and well after Alberta’s flooding. hugs.


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