weekly photo challenge : companionable

Here’s my response to the weekly photo challenge. I’ve just started sorting conference and travel photos so I’ll take the easy route for the challenge. It’s ALWAYS easy for me to find photos of my closest companion, Kush the cat. With the fabulous weather we’ve had lately, Kush likes to spend a lot of time in the yard. Obviously it is exhausting watching birds and making sure no one trespasses in her space. After I let her in early this evening, she had a snack and then came to find me. She wanted a little attention, and then dropped down between me and my computer so she could have a little nap. The fact that I have to work over her to reach the keyboard is not her problem!

serious watching resting

Kush looking for attention

settling inalmost comfy


21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : companionable

  1. Great cat pics. I love the little creatures! Mine are always lying on something I need to get to, or read.



    1. Thanks. I know what you mean. Kush is lying across my forearms as I type – not exactly great for my posture I know!


  2. How can you not love that face! The photo in the chair is just charming. 🙂


  3. You’ve been missed Terri ! Kush looks very happy to have you around to attend to her 🙂


  4. Kush Is beautiful.


  5. A constant companion…. just making up for lost time with you having been out of town. Obviously, starved for affection…. poor Kitty!


    1. That’s the only thing Kush ls starved for!


  6. Lovely cat pictures. What is it with cats and computers? One of mine likes to either walk or drape herself across the keyboard on a regular basis!


    1. Thanks. I’m actually getting pretty good at one-handed typing!


  7. Nice photos!!
    If there is something new in the room, something we’re reading, or an item that will elevate the cat to a higher position, then our cat will sleep on it.


    1. How true! Even a single sheet of paper seems to qualify.


  8. doesn’t everyone contort their bodies to work around wherever their pets are lying?


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