tour day

Surface Design Association Conference, San Antonio, Texas. Wow! The first official day of the conference saw me up and at an Area Representatives’ Meeting first thing in the morning. I was standing in for our local rep, Karin, and it was interesting to hear about things going on in the rest of the SDA world. Then everyone gathered to board buses and start our gallery tour day. An outstanding array of art was displayed around the city, and it was somewhat overwhelming. I’m including a variety of photos from the first 2 venues that we visited. My next post will  continue the tour.

Elise Deringer and Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen – Looking Through: New work from Elise Deringer and Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen.

Elise Deringer

work by Elise DeringerElise Deringer

Kelsey Viola Wikirchen
work by Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen
Kelsey Viola Wikirchen

work by Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen

Earth Friendly Alchemy: Explorations in Natural Dyeing. This group show contained some beautiful work, though the various dyeing techniques were lost on me. I’m not ready to start dyeing yet so I’m satisfied to enjoy the efforts of others without understanding exactly how the results were accomplished. Pieces not credited are due to an oversight in my photographic record keeping.

Earth Friendly Alchemy

Ana Lisa Hedstrom

work by Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Bhakti Ziek

“Rain” by Bhakti Ziek

Lisa Grey

work by Lisa Grey

Catharine Ellis

work by Catharine Ellis

Jay Rich

work by Jay Rich

Sara Goodman

“Squam Ridge Line” by Sara Goodman

Earth Friendly Alchemy Earth Friendly Alchemyunknown artist detail

Valerie d Walker

“Hotaru/fireflies” by Valerie d. Walker

I’m afraid I wasn’t organized enough in keeping track of artist names and titles. I’ve tried to include artist info as often as possible, but it was difficult keeping track of all that we were exposed to. If you can add to the credits, please send me a comment and I’ll update the post.

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