weekly photo challenge : fresh

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post a photo of my new one and only great-nephew. This photo challenge is perfect! I love babies, and I always tell people that I especially love babies when they are fresh. Here’s a photo of Finley when he was very fresh:

FinleyI haven’t had the pleasure of actually meeting Finley yet, but I am excited that I will be able to in September. He won’t be quite as fresh, but I’m okay with that. He will still be cuddly. That’s what’s really important, isn’t it? Finley is almost 8 weeks old now, and growing like a weed. An incredibly  cute weed. Here are a couple more photos from when he was really fresh!

baby Finley baby FinleyI just realized that Finley will be almost 16 weeks old when we meet. Considering that he weighed almost 10 lb. when he was born, I hope he won’t be too big to cuddle by September. No wait, I just remembered. He’ll still be a baby and I’ll be fine. Whew.


16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : fresh

  1. But he is still going to have that lovely baby smell! Personally I can’t handle it. Just can’t. It makes my ovaries jump all over the place.


    1. Really? And I think there’s money to be made in an air spray with that scent. Of course I have 4 children and my ovaries are past the jumping age.


  2. Thanks for the lovely post on our awesome little guy! He is not as fresh, but he is still very cuddly. In fact I write this comment from the confines of my rocking chair; Finley has fallen asleep on my lap, and despite a numb bum, I can’t bring myself to move him!


  3. Oh, he’s just the most precious little baby! How adorable is that sweet face?! You’re a lucky gal to have a new baby in your family, Terri, I can’t wait. Just a minute, I can wait, but wish I didn’t have to:D Thanks for your suggestions about the mosaic project, I see why you love it so much!xx


  4. Absolutely adorable! What a beautiful, sweet face! And the hair!
    I just couldn’t resist telling you…


    1. Thanks, Lyann. And thanks for taking the time to tell me. I know his mother will be pleased.


  5. What a precious little guy, Terri. He’s adorable…and yes, fresh! I love that. I’m certain he will still be very fresh and cuddly when you finally meet. Finley–a great name to grow into.


    1. Thanks, Debra. The more I look at his photos, the more it’s killing me to wait till September to see him!


  6. Lovely post! I will email you a couple photos from yesterday. Amazing at how quickly he is changing!


    1. Thanks. This comment from a perfectly unbiased grandmother! I’d love some current photos. The ones on your blog are too small for me to use.


  7. Finley is so cute and cuddly, Terri! This makes me recall that I met my niece, Sweet Pea, when she was about 12 weeks old. She was such a cutie, too! She’s going to be 19 in September. Time drags for her, but it sure flies for me. Congratulations on your adorable great-nephew.


    1. Thanks, V. I have similar recollections of meeting Finley’s mom when she was a newborn. Seems like just the other day…


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