churches that amaze

Even though I am not a religious person, I am totally impressed by the architecture and grandeur of old churches. I cannot walk past a church without trying the door to see if I can check the interior. Here are some of my Vienna finds, starting with St. Peter’s Church. This was just down the street from our hotel. Notice the advertising on the front of the building – it seems sponsorship is a necessary evil that helps to finance upkeep and restoration. I don’t like it but it beats having the church fall into disrepair.

Peterskirche St. Peter's interior St. Peter's ceiling St. Peter's Church organ at St. Peter's Church St. Peter's Church interior St. Peter's Church pewNext we visited the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels (locally called the Capuchin Church). It was lovely in its simplicity, and the incredible craftsmanship is inspiring.

Capuchin Church Capuchin Church interior tile floor, Capuchin ChurchThe next incredible church is Kirche der Barmherzigen, or Mercy Church St. John the Baptist. I love that you don’t have any idea of what to expect when you enter a church. They can look quite plain on the outside and surprise you once you step inside. Look at this fine example. (We were fortunate to hear a choir rehearsal – such a treat.)

Mercy Church, Vienna Mercy Church interior Mercy Church interior choir at Mercy Church

I have one more magnificent church to share, but I think it deserves its own post. Be sure to check out my other Vienna posts: Vienna first impressions and More of Vienna.

13 thoughts on “churches that amaze

  1. We are actually going on a roadtrip next week and a few of the places we will visit en route to other places are some churches. I am looking forward to seeing some old and historical churches on this trip. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I think Mercy Church is my favorite, there’s something about the pure white walls contrasted with the wooden pews.. and what incredible art! I love going through churches, we did so much of that in Italy. xx


    1. Some of my favorites so far are in Peru, but truly I love them all over the world!


  3. I really like to explore in churches and cathedrals, too. As you say, the architecture and the detail is amazing. I always stagger at what it must have taken to build some of the huge cathedrals over 800 years ago with so little technology and machinery. It was just levers and ropes and pulleys and manpower.


    1. Thanks, Tvor. I enjoyed reading Ken Follet’s “Pillars of the Earth” as the story was based around the building of a catherdral. It is incredible that we are able to enjoy the results of work done so long ago.


  4. I also love to go in churches and cathedrals. When I went to Spain, I think I took all the church tours available. Very impressive…


    1. Thank you. I was blown away by the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but I love all kinds of great architecture.


  5. As usual, great pictures of stunning craftsmanship and design, Terri. I am not religious at all, but I agree with you that some houses of worship, like these you’ve shared here, are gorgeous. I also rather like the architecture of several of the municipal buildings here in NYC. The attention to detail is brilliant. “They” just don’t make buildings like that anymore. But I do appreciate some modern design quite a lot, too.


    1. I’m with you there – I love them both. Today I truly appreciate the financial backing that allows for great design – really a great form of supporting the arts!


  6. Terri, your photos are awesome, they look as thought they belong in an Art History book.


  7. I agree, these churches are awe inspiring whether one is a believer or not. When I was a teenager my family went to Belgium, and I still remember the experience of visiting these glorious buildings.


    1. Thanks. I just can’t get enough of them. I do not try to understand everything there, but I appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship!


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