weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways

Here’s my take on this week’s weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post. When you take as many photos as I tend to, it’s easy to find a variety of views on the same subject. All of these photos were taken in Vienna, Austria in June.building exterior decoration, Vienna vertical bldg. alternate view of church ceiling detail, Vienna beautiful church ceiling, Vienna building soffit detail, Vienna building soffit detail, ViennaThose last 2 are pretty similar – maybe I just turned the camera a little, but I thought they looked rather different. It’s been a slow week for blogging because I’ve been busy in the studio. More on that later.

12 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways

  1. What an architectural jewel, Terri. You’re not kidding, they don’t make buildings like that anymore. Some modern architecture I like very much. Here in New York, there’s the New York Times building, the Lipstick Building, Lincoln Center, but when I want to ogle infinitely more interesting detail, then I focus on buildings that are at least 100 years old.


    1. There was some serious decorative work done on the buildings in Vienna. Well worth a visit! I’ll post a few more of the gems later. Have a good week!


  2. Oh, these are SO nice. Lovely work 🙂


  3. Makes me want to revisit Vienna. Great shots Terri….


    1. Thanks, Catherine. Definitely worth a second visit.


  4. What a beautiful building! And the domes you have shown us are stunning.


    1. Thanks, Colline. Some of the exteriors were really gorgeous. They don’t make em like that any more!


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