The Vienna Naschmarkt

When I travel markets are one of my favorite places to visit. Markets and grocery stores. Since I’m still working on Austrian posts, when I found these photos I thought I’d best share them. The Naschmarkt in Vienna has a terrific variety of food stalls and shops, some offering items I could not readily identify. That’s never a problem for me, as long as I can take photos. There are also numerous restaurants so you don’t need to go hungry while you bag, Naschmarkt, Vienna Naschmarkt, Vienna vinegar or oil? Naschmarkt, Vienna deli meat, Naschmarkt, Vienna fish, Naschmarkt, Vienna mystery seafood, Naschmarkt, Vienna produce stand, Naschmarkt, Vienna corner stall - Naschmarkt, Vienna hibiscus flowers, Naschmarkt, Vienna produce display, Naschmarkt, Vienna dough? for sale, Naschmarkt, Vienna herbs, Naschmarkt, Viennadelicious looking shrimp, Naschmarkt, Vienna

8 thoughts on “The Vienna Naschmarkt

  1. Wow! Your posts make me want to visit Vienna so badly!


    1. Thanks, Sonika. If you ever have the chance to visit, jump at it. Vienna is a fabulous city.


      1. You’re welcome. Whenever I get the chance I definitely will!


  2. I love markets, too. That was beautiful and I would have liked to know how some of it is used!


  3. I love markets too. My favourites were in Southeast Asia: lots of very exotic looking stuff and food that was probably not safe for me to eat (but I did anyway!)
    I also loved the fish market in Venice, though it made my pregnant belly turn over with the fishy odours!


  4. Great market shots – the paella pan heated up with goodies looks mouth-watering lay good….


    1. Thanks, Catherine. There were so many great looking and smelling foods – overwhelming! The whole market was much more “under control” than the markets in Turkey, but I love them all.


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