Here’s a smattering of some of the extraordinary museums I saw in Vienna. All of these deserved more time and there are lots more museums to visit. They will have to wait for another visit to Austria.

The Vienna Secession building was small but absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the limited exhibit space was closed because they were setting up an exhibition. I missed seeing the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt. Most disappointing, but this can happen when you have limited time to visit a city. I love the large mosaic planter bowls next to the stairs.Secession building, Vienna, Austriamosaic planter, Secession building, Vienna, Austria detail of Secession building, Vienna, AustriaNext up was the Leopold Museum – in the museums quartier. There were too many galleries to see, but we enjoyed work by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt (what self-respecting Austrian museum doesn’t have a Klimt?), Andy Warhol and many others. The exterior was somewhat industrial looking, but the interior was elegant and modern. Here’s a taste of the museum:

photo courtesy of Leopold Museum website
photo courtesy of Leopold Museum website

Leopold entry hall Egon SchieleOne of my favorite exhibits was Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds. The dark-colored room had 4 huge fans mounted near the ceiling, and large silver mylar pillows bounced and floated around the room. I sat and enjoyed the kinetic energy for some time. Andy WarholAustralian artist Dietrich Wegner created this mushroom cloud-like tree house. It was quite amazing and slighty unsettling. On the wall behind is part of a series of 1,000 landscape cloud photos taken around the world by Olivier Masmonteil. I was attracted to the mosaic-like quality.

used plastic bags close up view of framed art display, Leopold Museum, ViennaAlmost next door to the Leopold is MUMOK, the Museum of Modern Art. This museum wasn’t on our list for the day, but we were right next door and the building looked intriguing. I was not disappointed with the building or the art.MUMOK, Vienna, Austria gift shop and restaurant, MUMOK, Vienna, Austria art exhibit, MUMOK, Vienna, Austria interior, MUMOK, Vienna, Austria interior view, MUMOK, Vienna, Austria Scarecrow by Paul Klee, MUMOK, Vienna, Austriaart at MUMOK, Vienna, Austria art at MUMOK, Vienna, Austria

That is all for this post. My last museum is so big and so fantastic that I need another post. I’m actually exhausted from going through photos and reliving the museum visits. At least this time my feet aren’t sore!

PS See more of Paul Klee’s work at this site.

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      1. I have to admit that I mostly thought of that since I recently read a review of a movie that was filmed there – ‘Museum Hours’. I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds good.


  1. That giant cloud sculpture that reminds me of the A-bomb got to me, Terri, so I searched it online and found that it’s by Australian artist Dietrich Wegner and it’s called “Playhouse.”


      1. I know exactly what you mean about attending an exhibit and not being able to note everything. It can be very overwhelming taking notes and pictures while trying to enjoy the art.


  2. Fabulous photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. Museums are such wonderful places – so varied and interesting and sometimes prove the most unexpected pleasures and treasures.


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