Photo Puzzle

This art piece from MUMOK in Vienna is a bit of a puzzle to me. I’m afraid I don’t know the artist.  I was too distracted to make note of every artist. Sorry. I think that if you identify each person’s photograph, you can spell something using the first letter of their first names. If anyone can help me figure this out the rest of these, I’d love some exhibit, MUMOK, Vienna, AustriaSo far I have:

Andy Warhol

next group:

Pablo Picasso

Oscar Wilde

Romy Schneider

Ted Hughes

Rigoberta Menchú

Alfred Hitchcock


Tilda Swinton

next group:


Frida Kahlo

next group:

Thomas Mann

Hillary Clinton

Econ Shiller

next group:

Arthur Rimbaud



Ingrid Bergman

Susan Sontag

Tina Turner

next group:

Albert Einstein

Simone de Beauvoir

next group:

Annie Leibowitz

Nelson Mandela

next group:

Anne Frank


Patti Smith

Lilian Helman  Hannah Arendt


Barak Obama



So I think it says “A portrait of the artist as an ?” I thought “alphabet” but Lilian Helman messes that up, unless I’ve got her wrong. If anyone can name my missing photos – please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Photo Puzzle

  1. My thanks to LuiZ FernandoS at for his help with 3 names! I must say I’d never even heard of Rigoberta Menchú or Arthur Rimbaud!


  2. A google search for this artwork also shows a slightly different version with Tiger Woods as the last letter. Which makes me wonder who the “T” is in the version in your photo (as well as the the others), and why there is a second version with Woods included instead.


    1. Peter, maybe that last one was so difficult that they had to change it! (or it was a spelling error on the part of the artist!)


  3. Terri, the photo is of Hannah Arendt, not Lillian Helman, so your answer to the puzzle is correct. (see Great post!


    1. Thanks, Tim. But I still want to know who the rest of these people are! I NEVER would have gotten Hannah so thanks again!


      1. I’m amazed you recognized as many as you did. I have no idea who Econ Shiller is, and even though I have heard of Thomas Mann, Ted Hughes, and Romy Scheider, I didn’t recognize their photos.


      2. I did have some help from my husband. Econ Shiller is an Austrian artist. Recently saw his work in Vienna. I’ve had to look up some of the others as well!


  4. Terri I’m reading this on my iPhone which adds a challenge to the challenge, but I think you cracked the code here.


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