Moving on to Milan

I have a number of items to post that I’m running behind on. This is one of them, so just pretend it isn’t already the end of October, okay? Our June vacation in Europe included Vienna, Austria (which I shared in posts in JulyAugust and September) and Milan, Italy. Milan is magnificent. It is a large city, but so much of what you need to see is in the center of the city. We arrived late at night and checked into a fabulous hotel – Magna Pars Suites. This hotel is located in an old perfume factory that has undergone a fantastic renovation into a sleek, modern upscale space. There are only 28 suites and some beautiful event spaces. It is ultramodern with a touch screen control in each room to handle all the lighting and window controls. It was fairly simple to master. The breakfast area courtyard was peaceful and relaxing. The staff was pleasant and helpful. It was an excellent place to stay. Not inexpensive, but excellent. The website has some great photos of the space, but here are a couple of mine:Magna Pars Hotel Magna Pars Hotel interior We had to walk over the train tracks to reach the underground station, and there was always lots of graffiti to enjoy.graffiti train Here’s a typical Italian coffee stop. Don’t sit down unless you want to pay a premium price for your beverage. I didn’t drink a lot of coffee in Italy – too hard to find a soy latte!

morning coffee break One afternoon we spent time with daughter, Christine, and her friend, Penny. Such fashionistas! We had lunch at this outstanding Parma restaurant – simple and delicious food. The rest of the afternoon we wandered and ate gelato and generally enjoyed the city’s ambience.going to lunch parma ham lunch shopping glass shop gelato artist arches Dior shopMilano – magnifico!

7 thoughts on “Moving on to Milan

  1. We totally wanted to go to Milan when we were there last May but scheduling didn’t allow. Now I have a great reason to return.. I love the design of this hotel!


  2. All wonderful–what a dream trip! But most of all, the food…! 😉


    1. I would be in so much trouble if I lived there. I’d have to keep buying clothes in larger sizes as time passed. It was a terrific trip.


  3. That looks like a wonderful holiday! I’d gladly drink my coffee standing up if I could go there 🙂


  4. When the economy was doing well, my boss used to go to Milan for a few days during Design Week. Afterward, she would return to NYC invigorated. It looks like such a gorgeous place from your pictures. Did you eat any of that mouth watering prosciutto?


    1. We did. It’s not something I’d normally order, but as it was the speciality we all took part and it was delicious! Oh, and the chesse – I’m hungry just thinking about that meal. It’s a restaurant my daughter frequents regularly – she’s a lucky girl!


  5. Very cool photos. I loved them all.


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