This week’s photo challenge made me think about people you are exposed to when travelling. My first photo shows a group of friends travelling in Turkey. We weren’t friends before the trip but we formed our own community as we travelled together in a foreign country. It was terrific getting to know each other as we shared experiences in another part of the world.

lunch in TurkeyMy second photo shows a community of weavers in Peru. These wonderful people (mostly women) invited our group to spend time watching them work, and then to share lunch with them. Potatoes were roasted in a fire pit and served with cheese. We contributed delicious bread from a nearby village. Joining their community, even for a few hours, made for a memorable day.lunch group in Peru

22 thoughts

  1. Wonderful captures of communities. That bread is really something…The women in Peru are so sweet, I remember buying some things from women who never seemed to sell anything. They were left in the background by the others, but I walked out to them.


  2. You captured that Community feeling very well Terri !
    I can’t stop looking at the size of that BREAD you are all sharing 🙂


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