A couple of weeks ago when I was out for dinner, I dropped my phone on a concrete floor. The phone landed face down with a loud smacking sound. I felt sick. I picked it up. The power was off, so I assumed that it was broken. I was relieved when I hit the power button and the little white apple appeared. Hooray! All was not lost. I was a little upset that the case was toast, but since it saved my phone, it seemed a reasonable price to pay.
broken phone case
I realized that I needed a new cover, because I certainly don’t trust myself to carry a phone without protection. What to do? What to do? I remember how difficult it was to select a case the first time. The selection is overwhelming. And now with Christmas shopping in full swing, the stores would make choosing one even more of a nightmare. I decided to check my options on-line to see what I could find. Imagine my delight in finding several sites where I could not only order a case, but I could design my own! I wanted to showcase something that I had created, and I selected a photograph of my tile work on the side of our house. The case arrived today, and I love it! What do you think? I like the way the design wraps around the sides as well.new phone case side view of phone caseKush the cat was trying to get in on the photo shoot, walking all over the desk and getting in the way. She is an incorrigible photobomb.Kush the cat on the desk

20 thoughts

  1. Terri, I meant to get to this post as soon as you published it but that thorny thing called life got in the way. What a cool case. It does look like mosaic tile. And yeah, Kush, is such an adorable camera hog! The colors on the case do complement her luxurious coat.


    1. ha ha ha ha ha. I’ll show you. But you must be commenting on my unbelieveable photography skills, right? ha ha again. The color is a little off from the tiles, but I know red photos can cause problems. Thanks for taking a few minutes off of facebook to comment! See you soon.


  2. I can just imagine how you felt when you heard the phone hit the concrete floor. I’m glad it’s working just fine. And your new case is simply gorgeous – you’re such a talented artist!


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