In the continuing saga of my quiltmaking, I am pleased to tell you that I recently sent 6 quilt tops to Red Red Bobbin for quilting. I had them almost completed before Christmas, but were time consuming details that had to be attended to. I had to select fabrics for the backing, cut, stitch and trim that backing and then package things for shipping. I agonized over the packaging. You can only imagine how much procrastinating I did to stretch the process over 6 weeks! But the quilt tops have arrived in Ontario and I have temporarily relinquished responsibility for their progress. I will have more work to do once they are quilted, but for now I can concentrate on other projects. Here are the quilt tops wrapped in their respective backings before shipping.quilt stack

I’m afraid another addiction has surfaced – one that I’d successfully controlled for the last couple of years. I caved after getting this adorable little puzzle – which still kept with my quilting theme. I was really glad to finish, because I couldn’t seem to focus on anything else until then. Only once did I have to contend with a playful cat who leapt up on the table and sent puzzle pieces flying. Only once.quilting puzzle box completed quilt puzzleAs you can see in the next photo, the puzzle box was quite small – not big enough to show the entire puzzle, and certainly not quite big enough for Kush.Kush in the puzzle box

8 thoughts

  1. Those quilt tops look gorgeous, Terri. Kush is such a character — trying to squeeze into the puzzle box! What is it about cats and their craving to squeeze into a box? A dog, on the other hand, would just rip it to shreds. Or, in Thurber’s case, probably get his head stuck in it.


    1. Those are only the backs of the quilts. The tops are much more interesting. Don’t worry – you’ll see them eventually. I was cleaning my pantry and had the kitchen table covered in stuff today. Didn’t stop Kush from squeezing onto a pile of stuff!


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