I’ve just returned from celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t want a party like we had for my mom last year, but we certainly couldn’t let the day go by without recognition. My brother and I arranged a small family gathering and it was a surprise – successfully carried out! On the 14th there were a series of surprises, starting with the arrival of my brother and his son from Victoria. Then after lunch I arrived with my daughter from Montreal and my niece from Toronto. A bit later in the day my niece from Squamish arrived with her beautiful baby boy. My parents were delighted – but of course babies like Finley make everyone happy. Just look at this face…baby FinleyWe booked dinner at the New Dynasty Restaurant, and a few more friends and relatives were waiting there when we arrived. Again my parents were surprised. It was a great evening with lots of time to visit. I baked a ginger pound cake for my dad because he likes ginger as much as I do.cake timeMy brother and I and our families who arrived on Friday stayed till Sunday, so we had lots of time to laugh and poke fun at each other. The weather was agreeable and my dad was appreciative, even though he complained bitterly that we had all wasted our money by travelling so far just to see him. He said we should have just given him the money. His sense of humour hasn’t lost a thing over the years. We managed one decent photograph before everyone had to leave.group shot at birthdayPhoto includes nephew Jeremy, niece Briana, me, daughter Devon, brother Phil, Mom, Dad, baby Finley, niece Meg and uncle Henry. Happy Birthday Poppa!


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  1. This is really great! What a special moment for you and your family to celebrate and honor the life of your dad! I love the last photo! It’s really hard to get those family photos – but this wil be a treasure for all of you!


    1. Thanks, Becky. I’m thrilled with this photo. Because of Mr. Baby we had to move fast, and we only used one camera. There were 3 photos taken but the first 2 used flash and were terrible, so it was lucky that everyone seemed to be paying attention for this one!


      1. I’m at The Grind right now, Terri – hidden away in plain sight in a warehouse where I’m essentially invisible. The perfect place to take in blog reading and commenting on the greatest invention this side of the wheel: the iPhone.


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