I’ve been looking through old photos – old as in photos sorted and stored in photo albums. What a riot! There are a few things I’ve noticed about many of my photos. Here’s a list of the most obvious differences:

1. I believe my photographic skills have improved since the seventies.

2. My camera equipment has definitely improved.

3. All the adults I know used to be thinner. Many used to have more hair.

4. My studio is now truly lived in, especially when you see the way it looked in 1988. Note the clean and shiny floor, the bare walls and windows and the teeny tiny computer. I think that is my Commodore 64 with my dot matrix printer. (I remember how thrilling it was to use a word processor for the first time – making my Olivetti electric typewriter obsolete!)my studio in 1988 my studio todayHere’s a similar view of the studio with just a little more going on now! I didn’t bother to “clean up” for the photo. I wanted to share the chaos that I work in. If I ever clean it up to a studio tour level of cleanliness, I’ll certainly let you see. Right now I’m busy scanning all of our old photos, some of which I’ll post in future.

11 thoughts

  1. Wow! It’s fascinating isn’t it? I’ve been doing the same thing … scanning old photos! I’ve been scanning black & white photos of my Great Grandparents, my dad, and other family members. It’s an interesting journey back in time, that’s for sure. What a great little room for you to hide out in! 🙂


  2. I love it!! Your studio appears to have taken on a life/evolution of it’s own. The colors make it come alive! Don’t ever clean it up, I think the Fabric Carnival is part of who you are.


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