weekly photo challenge – abandoned

When thinking about abandoned places, I thought of many of the incredible ruins that exist in Turkey – remnants of earlier civilizations no longer habitable after years of neglect. The first three photos were taken in Goreme cave  churches. Goreme is in the Cappadocia region.rock church in Goreme rock church in Goreme rock church in GoremeThe next three photos were taken in Perge. It’s fantastic when you imagine what this place would have looked like before it was abandoned and fell into ruin.Perge 3 Perge 2 PergeBe sure to check out other challenge entries here.

15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – abandoned

  1. Very cool images, Terri. These look like perfect locations for haunted sound effects like whistling wind that could almost double for moaning. I like to think that a day will come, probably well after you and I are dust, that there will be another major technological advancement allowing people to see exactly what a place, person or thing looked like in its time. Wouldn’t that be mind blowing?


    1. Sign me up now – just in case I miss the announcement! I must say these places would feel differently if you were there at night…


      1. Night’s when the ghosts come out …


      2. I have no idea why I’m getting all Dark Shadows on you. Maybe because I’m having such a boring day here at The Grind. Pet Kush for me.


  2. Inspiring then and even more so now.


  3. These buildings must have been awe inspiring in their heyday.


  4. I don’t know how it would look in real life,but the photographs are awesome.Thank you for sharing Terri.


    1. Thanks, Ranu. I’m sure part of the appeal is the green grass and pleasant looking weather – something we could really use right now!


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