More of Milan

Just found the draft for this post, and thought I should put it out. I was probably waiting to write something clever or meaningful about these photos, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen. I love Milan. Such gorgeous architecture – so many charming neighbourhoods. Our visit last year was special because we had a personal guide/youngest daughter living in the city. Any destination is better when you can hang out with a “local”, don’t you think?Duomo Galleria door knocker door detail church bridge over canal

11 thoughts on “More of Milan

  1. How beautiful! Milan is not a city I’d planned to add to our too-brief Italian itinerary, but maybe I should reconsider.


    1. It is well worth a visit! The Duomo is just spectacular – hope you get to see it.


  2. Before the recession, my boss used to visit Milan for the annual design show, but she has not gone in several years. I agree with Colline that the architecture is stunning. As usual, Terri, your shots were great. When visiting a place that’s so lovely, it’s always time to be inspired.


    1. Thanks, V. I know someone who goes to the design show every year – such a lucky woman. I’ve been to Milan twice and would love to return. So much to see!


  3. Oh yes, the architecture is absolutely stunning!


    1. Thanks, Colline. I especially ove that you can walk on the roof of the Duomo.


  4. Oh my, these are gorgeous! I’m so looking forward to the day where we can take a trip overseas. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. I love these photographs Terri.


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